No, Really. Ask Me Anything


Screenwriter, director, and novelist Allison Burnett adapts his critically-lauded book Undiscovered Gyrlretitled Ask Me Anything for the screen, with excellent results. (By the way, only two writers I can think of have even attempted to migrate their prose from page to screen as both writer and director -- Norman Mailer and Stephen Chboksy.) This dramatic coming-of-age indie boasts an outstanding cast with a wickedly twisted plot twist that is so left field that you may have to watch it again to get it. Part Lolita meets Looking for Mr. Goodbar a la a precocious teenage blogger gone rogue.

The film's complex ingénue is the beautiful, blond Katie Kampenfelt (Britt Robertson), an 18-year-old girl who starts blogging, for her own kicks, the year following her high school graduation. Falling in love with a college film professor (Justin Long) as well as the married husband (Christian Slater) of couple she is the nanny for, she is the ultimate femme fatale. Sure, she just wants to be loved, but at what price? Ultimately, someone must pay for her sins of lust and longing. But who?

The film also boasts an outstanding support cast with Robert Patrick as her father and Martin Sheen as the book store owner hiding a very dark secret. The amazing soundtrack features an album's worth of up-and-coming, "undiscovered" female singer-songwriters performing original songs; all of them are around the same age as film's central character. It won "Best Music" (Soundtrack and Score) at Nashville Film Festival 2014. That soundtrack will be available for download everywhere. You can read about and hear some of those songs here.

The movie opens Friday, December 19th, in selected theaters and streaming on iTunes, Xbox, Amazon Instant, Direct TV, and most other VOD platforms.