Song of the Week: "Tender Years"


The clever word play that is the Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Robert Forster, once upon a time the co-head cobra of The G0-Betweens, has graced the world with his 8th solo album. On display is a very stripped down, mature, cathartic and thoughtful exercise in looking at life, albeit from his near-tragic vantage -- one born from the sobering news that his wife Karin was dealing with ovarian cancer. Brave times for both, confronting the reality of this insidious disease. This wise and thoughtful song could only be written by someone who has observed life from every angle -- both maudlin and joyful. One could say that with maturity comes wisdom. Karin sings and plays xylophone, their daughter Loretta plays electric guitar, son Louis plays guitar, bass and percussion, and Robert "strum(s) an acoustic guitar fiercely and sing(s)." The song is from his album The Candle and the Flame (Tapete Records). A must-own record. Tour dates begin in late March. 

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