Song of the Week: "Stare into the Sun"


Imagine if the music of Bob Dylan were inseminated by all four Beatles. Months later, a love-bastard comes screaming into the world, where, before it can even walk, it is kidnapped by a drunken Brian Wilson. The lonely kid spends his childhood staggering around the beaches of Malibu, learning hot licks on the guitar and dropping Orange Sunshine. Despite all this poor parenting, he somehow matures into a freakishly happy young man -- so happy that no one knows what to make of him. They fear for his future. And then, one day, he stands up at a clambake over at Cher's house and performs his first original song. Now sit back and experience Dusty Wright's "Stare Into The Sun." (From his forthcoming album Lonelyville.) - Mr. Burnett is an author, screenwriter, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

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