Pussy Galore in Modern Times


Peaches: "Pussy Mask"

Playfully provacative, but a cattle prod for the shockable, Peaches new 45 will never be the hit that it deserves to be.

If it troubled the airwaves heads would roll and licenses would be lost.

Catchy, insidious, and playful this is a horse frightening two fingered exercise.


Madonna would never dare to go this little bit further, though she might like us to think that she might.

The pussies here are glorious cartoons,

Disembodied they're not basqued up for ceaseless crotch thrusting titillation.


"Put My Pussy In The Senate" screams out to be a t shirt.

A placard, a tattoo, or a slogan on a bus.


Tongue out and yet in cheek, and very cartoon chic. 

Wherever it is required or is desired, it is funny confrontational with a true sense of iconic frustration.

If anyone is offended, then they richly deserve that poverty of response.


Like a schoolyard Grace Jones, or a petulant Cristina, "Pussy Mask" is both a mantra and a clarion call.

It belongs aside the uproariously profane "Useless Man" by the late Leigh Bowery's short-lived band Minty.

There are also traces of the deadpan delivery of The Flying Lizards.


"My pussy wear a mask

 My pussy don't play"


This day-glo ditty for the klitty also suggests the attitude of Little Annie, Jayne County, and Lydia Lunch.

Fem, but FM it certainly ain't.

And yet is rather quaint in its defiance.

The fig leaf has been replaced by a covid necessary surgical mask.


"Pussy Stand- Up Erection"


There's a trinity of angels in the guise of sublime icons.

The late impeccably attired Ruth Bader Gunsberg is in celestial over-drive.

A head banging Alexandria Ocasio Cortez  lets rip and Dr Anthony S. Fauci does a neatly spirited boogaloo.


Delightfully realised by the gaudy animations of Leah Shore and Rob Scuflo this is a small transgressive misstresspiece.

A catchy song with earworm a go-go.


Peaches is served forbidden fruit.

A new kind for modern times.

Peaches  proffered by a tempting hunk with a platter of them,

The apples of the Garden of Eden have suffered a coup.


Expressive, impressive and archly funny.

This is a seriously perfect 45.

Clever in its disregard.

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