Song of the Week: "Freak U Out (Wedding Tape)"

Photos by Worst November @worstnovember / Makeup by Dalton @itsjustdalton

Like Wendy O. Williams and Peaches before her, exposed human skin -- T+A -- can be misconstrued for audacious, juvenile behavior meant only to provoke the prudes of our world. (Hell, yes!) For the DIY, punk-pop artist Sizzy Rocket 'tis all just part of her self-expression. This time to celebrate herself and fans with another killer single and fun, campy video. And, she's joined by Rossi in wedding drag. Yep, time to poke the conservative bears as they wake up from the long winter slumbers. As Sizzy tells it:

"On the surface 'Freak U Out' is a slutty, lovesick party banger but when you listen more closely it really is about unapologetic self-actualization. It's an ode to fearlessly expressing yourself, shaking things up, fucking the system and creating your own space. In other words... let your freak flag fly, baby. This is our anthem."

Mizz Rocket will embark on her Sizzy Rocket's Rockshow in the Basement tour next month making stops in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles before performing at this year's OUTLOUD Festival at WeHo Pride.

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