Song of the Week: "Evangeline"


As Dusty is well aware, I have a "thing" for retro-sounding songs: songs produced, recorded and/or performed in a way that harkens back to the '60s or '70s. Among the most recent such songs are Black Puma's 2019 hit, "Colors" (which sounds like something Marvin Gaye might have recorded), and Thee Sacred Souls 2022 "Love Is the Way," which has a fabulous Motown-ish production.

Now comes along this lovely lilt, "Evangeline," from Nashville newcomer Stephen Sanchez. Reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot (or, later, Jim Croce), it is simple and effective, with a nice use of falsetto. A beautiful song, and a nice start for singer-songwriter Sanchez, from whom I hope we will be hearing more soon. The video shows an unintendedly (?) comical (but endearing) case of unrequited (or, at least, incompleted) love in a movie theater.

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