Build The Wall!



Popaganda artist Ron English is building a Welcome Wall on the US/Mexico border!

As a street artist Ron has used walls to tell his story. Often the subject of his work is to make people aware of classism, racism, corporatism, and politics. And now he is building what he calls The Welcome Wall.

"A wall is the perfect physical and metaphoric gift from a cult leader to his followers. It positions him as the great protector of his chosen people from the unwashed, unenlightened others!" - Ron English

The Mexican American Welcome Wall will be a 2000 ft long physical wall along the US/Mexico border, designed by artists and activists to be a conceptual message board for an ongoing discussion about the wall, border, wildlife, and immigration issues. A temporary art installation to fuel the resistance against Trump's racist monument.

Ron will start building this spring and the wall will stay up till 2020 Election night. On Election night he will auction the different sections.  Part of the proceeds will go to wild life charities, indigenous communities, and non-profits.

The wall is designed to be built in plywood sections of 8' wide by 12' tall. Exactly three sheets of plywood  stacked on top of each other. The design was made so that Art can be created off site and easily shipped by means of a flatbed truc. Of course we encourage the artists to come to the site and make the art locally.

Donate to his very modest IndieGoGo campaign today!

(Images courtesy of Ron English.)

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