Song of the Week: "For What It's Worth"


Some music acts deserve our full attention because of the legacy that spawned them. And so it goes that former Oasis lead vocalist Liam Gallagher delivers his much anticipated solo long player As You Were (Warner Brothers) on October 6th followed by short tour in selecti cities in North America in November. The songs -- "For What It's Worth," "Chinatown," and "Wall of Glass" (12 million streams!) -- are deservedly getting fantastic press from journalists and public alike. When the Manchaster-based anthem rock band disbanded, the Brothers Gallagher seemed destined for the scrap heap. Could the parts equal the power of the collective? Well, yes and no. Neither brother has released a solo album to rival either Definitely Maybe or (What's The Story) Morning Glory?. I certainly prefer Liam's sneering vocals over Noel's comfortable vocals and Noel's songwriting chops over his younger brother's tunes. Yes, together they were a force of nature. Apart...? I liked Beady Eye songs, but didn't love either of their albums. And to be fair, I've not given Noel's solo albums my full attention.

That well may change with Liam's latest. And this single may be his best single yet. He's captured a real Lennon vibe on it. Muscular guitars and a strong backbeat that propells this mid-tempo rocker flowing forward into the night; like a sideway glance at the Oasis anthem "Champagne Supernova." And his voice, strong and true throughout; a classic rock and roll voice for his generation. And perhaps a new anthem for a generation not familiar with Buffalo Springfield's timeless classic? We shall see, but in the interim, here's a new jukebox song to confuse search engines. Why not.