Song of the Week: "Spent The Day In Bed"


Leave it to Morrissey to solve our current political and social dilemmas -- North Korea nukes, Vegas sniper, racial tension, POTUS' misguided bullying, raging hurricanes and fires, et al. -- and help us find respite from the world's insanities with his latest grand single, "Spent The Day In Bed" from his new long player Low In High School (released by BMG on November 17th). It starts with an infectious keyboard hook that wraps his voice around his simple but profoundly wise proclamation: 

"Stop watching the news
Because the news contrives to frighten you
To make you feel small and alone
To make you feel that your mind isn't your own..."
These past few weeks I've played it every morning as I contemplate his very inviting and therapeutic remedy before I finally succumb to my morning ritual to check my computer to see what calamity awaits me/us. Thank you, Stephen, for offering a very solid alternative to combat my spiraling-out-of-control anxiety.