Album of the Week: Awakening


David Starfire - Awakening (Amrita Recordings)

I'm not much of a DJ music freak, but when I do feel the urge I turn to my friend David Starfire. One of the smartest cats I've ever heard, his collisions of hypnotic worldbeat soundtracks and clever samples are second to none. (You Burners know what I'm talking about!) For a limited time he's offering his latest Psydub album -- Awakening -- for free. and it features collaborators Ganga Giri, Jamie Janover, Rik Shiva, Casey Forest Riley, and a remix by Kaya Project. Just put 0 when prompted on the download instructions. That's insane, but I know he'll make it back tenfold on his next live DJing gig. 'Til then, let this kick off your Saturday night party. Boo ya!