Album of the Week: Lilies


Melanie De Biasio - Lilies (Pias America)

As I mentioned back in June, Miss Melanie De Biasio truly transcends description and/or refuses to be boxed into any one musical genre. Her latest nine-track album Lilies was released last month. This captivating Belgian artist incorporates jazz, classical, nufolk, even electronica into her musically rich vocabulary to create her truly unique and atmospheric sound; imagine Nina Simone meets Talk Talk. 

Like the video above for her smoldering ballad "Your Freedom Is The End of Me," the tension she creates with minimum accompaniment of voice, bass, drums and piano is so dynamic on this track as well as the slow-burning, 6:41 long "All My Words," and the spoken-word poetry of "And My Heart Goes On," that I can't help but wonder if she might be paying homage to the early Roxy Music classic "In Every Dreamhome A Heartache". Moreover, the finger snaps and naked vocal brilliance of "Sitting In The Stairwell" might suggest she consider collaborating with the reclusive Mark Hollis from Talk Talk. Clearly that pairing could yield gold. And speaking of that precious metal, check out her percolating, hypnotic electronica-infused single --  "Gold Junkies" -- one of my favorite tracks from this new album.

These meditative ballads and tone poems are meant to nourish your soul. Find a quiet space, slip on a pair of headphones and let the music envelope you.