Lady Bird, Don't Fly Away!


For those of you who've navigated the slippery slope of micro-managing, or trying to micro-manage a teenage girl's life, Lady Bird will thoroughly resonate with you. If you haven't, maybe not so much, even if you've raised teenagers in your household, especially for any mother who wanted more for her daughter than her own life. For me, it resonated on many levels -- from my memories of Catholic school to awkward hormonal expressions to trying to fit in when you don't feel like you fit in with anyone. Or the pressure of applying for college -- the cost, the admittance to top tier schools, the distance... oh, the humanity of it all. This film deals with all of that existential angst when your brain is trying to make sense of your adulthood looming in the near horizon.

Oscar nominations for Saoirse Ronan (Best Actress) and Laurie Metcalf (Best Supporting Actress) and for writer-director Greta Gerwig (Best Director, Best Picture. Original Screenplay) are all justified for this heartfelt coming-of-age comedy-drama. Set in Sacremento in 2002, beyond the music and fashion of that decade, we are reminded of our country's ethos after the horrific events of 9/11. Regardless, this is a movie to take any 16-year old to and see; it may even help open up a healthy dialog about life.