Give Me More, More, More!!!


Just can't get enough, once sang Depeche Mode. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm listening to other tunes right now. Check out my August playlist for some desktop and mobile device-worthy tuneage.

"Fisherman" The Peach Kings Handsome Moves (Peach Kings)

So damn infectious, it is! Hot chick vocals and '60s garage-pop, twang-rock flourishes abound. Texan Paige McClain Wood and Californian Steven Trezevant Dies describe their sound as "gypsydelic" and I concur. Favorite single of the month! Check out the vid below!

Pale Morning Light The Late Call (Tapete)

Rare that I can hang with an album from start to finish. Sometimes I get about 3 songs in, if I'm lucky. Lucky that I'm not bored by too many malnourished songs. Not so with this third collection of melodic folk-rock musings from Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Mr. Johannes Mayer. Great vibe, great voice, great songs; worth hangin' from start to finish.

"What Makes A Good Man?" The Heavy The Glorious Dead (Counter Records)

Everyone with a TV knows their James Brown-fueld, soulful rock advert hit "How You Like Me Now," but that's not the whole story. More baggy grooves and rockin' fury on their new and improved third CD. This may very well be their next radio chart topping and TV-advert moment. Oh, wait, it is. Miller Beer just grabbed it. 

"I Love You But You're Dead" Mark Eitzel Don't Be A Stranger (Merge)

I've been a fan of Mr. Eitzel's hypnotic alt folk-rock musings -- whether solo or with his criminally under appreciated American Music Club -- since the late '80s. Here's a track from his forthcoming solo LP set to be released in early October. And catch him on tour, too. He never disappoints.

Just Tell Me That You Want Me A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac (Concord)

Double rare is the tribute CD that actually delivers across the board. Most often the rote versions of classic songs stall when interpreted by other less mortal bands. Thankfully this is not the case on this loving homage to one of my favorite bands. And boasting at least a half-dozen Peter Green-era Mac; before the over-satiated FM fodder of the Buckingham-Nicks fronted band. Trixie Whitley shines on the Then Play On track "Before The Beginning." Ditto on haunting takes by Antony Johnson on "Landslide" and Dame Marianne Faithful on "Angel."

"Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)" Silversun Pickups Neck of the Words (Dangerbird)

The noise guitar rock world, post My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Jesus & Mary Chain, has been searching for an heir apparent. Given the majestic music and title of their latest single, it's easy to make that leap of faith with these LA-based dream pop-rockers.

"Can I" World's Famous Headliners World Famous Headliners (Big Yellow Dog Music)

NRBQ fans need not be the only ones that apply on this terrific roots-rockin' Americana album. Big Al Anderson's string bending chops aside, there is much to dig on this flat-out snap, cracklin' rockin' 12 cut release. He and his Nashville-based luminaries kick it, especially on this track.

"Big Bright World" Garbage Not Your Kind of People (StunVolume) 

Lead singer Shirley Mason nearly did me in one weekend in the '90s while on assignment for Creem Magazine covering Goodbye Mr. McKenzie in Scotland. She possesses that wild child, always one-step-away-from-danger personality. And don't let this poppy-rock intro fool you! Witnessed below in all of her glorious siren majesty on her quartet39;s latest effort. Ladies and gentlemen...

Grab some new music today. Go ahead, I dare you!