PopApp Scavenger Hunt


For those of you who may not know Ron English and his wonderful world of Popaganda, here's an amazing activation I co-produced with the fine folks at FuelFX. Besides a crazy scavenger hunt, Ron handpainted the world's largert AR (augmented reality) target/marker at Spider House during SXSW in Austin. That target as well as his handpainted Smiley Skull marker are still on display. If you download the "Ron English PopApp" for your iOS or Android device and point it at the Smiley Skull, it will come alive and talk to you! Check it out today. You can also download the app and point it at the image below and have some fun. Trust me, it's cooler than a jar full of Sea Monkeys!

Have a good day! - Dusty Wright

Mr. Wright is a content creator and cultural curator. He is a contributor to the Huffington Post, former DJ at David Lynch's Transcendental Music Radio, the former editor-in-chief of Creem and Prince's New Power Generation magazines as well as a writer of films, fiction, and television. He's also a singer/songwriter who has released five solo albums and one with folk-rock quartet GIANTfingers. And before all of this he was a William Morris agent.